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About Us

First Nation’s Focus, established in February 2017, is a product of the Sierra Nevada Media Group (SNMG) and its affiliated media organizations: Nevada Appeal, The Record-Courier, Lahontan Valley News, Northern Nevada Business Weekly, Tahoe Daily Tribune, Sierra Sun, North Lake Tahoe Bonanza and Lake Tahoe Action.

The mission of First Nation’s Focus is to help serve the region’s tribes and reservations and to teach all about the true essence and traditionalism of American Indian culture. First Nation’s Focus concentrates on local and state tribal news, as well as tribal news in the world around us, in addition to a strong focus on content relative to American Indian culture and history.

First Nation’s Focus has free distribution of 25,000 copies for its monthly print product, which is inserted into the following news publications on the third Wednesday of each month: Nevada Appeal, The Record-Courier and Lahontan Valley News, plus key distribution points in the Northern Nevada area and throughout Nevada’s Indian reservations and Eastern Sierra CA reservations.

First Nation’s Focus features regular updates online at www.firstnationsfocus.com, in addition to social media updates via its Facebook page.

First Nation’s Focus and SNMG are owned by Swift Communications, which is based out of Carson City. Visit www.swiftcom.com to learn more.