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11 Natives take part in 4-day Sacred Water Run across Nevada

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LAS VEGAS — On Monday, Oct. 1, through Thursday, Oct. 4, the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada Action Fund (PLAN Action) hosted the Water Protectors Sacred Water Run.

The run began in Snake Valley and ended with a celebration in the Valley of Fire during the Las Vegas Paiute Powwow.

Eleven Native runners from Bishop, Navajo, San Felipe Pueblo, Hupa, Cree, Pyramid Lake and Reno Sparks Indian Colony ran 291 miles across the state and carried flags for each sponsor dedicated to protecting the Great Basin.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority continues to attempt to build a pipeline that will impact rural communities in favor of supporting development in Las Vegas. Their permit to build the pipeline was denied in August 2018.

Through The Water Protectors Run, PLAN Action aims to develop local, state, and regional awareness around the pipeline.

"It is imperative that all Nevada residents understand that water is life and the importance of protecting our water today, "said Kim Padilla-Estrada, Environmental Justice Organizer with PLAN Action. "It also important for rural and urban communities to have just access to water and that we do not sacrifice rural regions to the benefit of urban regions. Indigenous people have a deep respect for water that embodies a humble consciousness of protecting and insuring water for future generations."

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Runners ended their race with a celebration in the Valley of Fire on Thursday night, Oct. 4.

"I first want to thank Bob Fulkerson, State Director for PLAN Action, and the reason why is because he gave me the go-ahead to move on this project," said Beverly Harry, Water Run lead organizer. "His spirit is just so grounded with Indigenous people. He's been fighting for environmental issues in Nevada for a long time."

This article was provided by the team at PLAN Action. Go to planaction.org, or check out the Facebook page at facebook.com/PlanActionFund, to learn more.