Arts For All Nevada teaches children at Natchez Elementary School |

Arts For All Nevada teaches children at Natchez Elementary School

Special to First Nation’s Focus

WADSWORTH, Nev. — Vivian Olds, a former teacher at Pyramid Lake High School, teaches art for the nonprofit Arts For All Nevada. She has been teaching art at Natchez Elementary School, on the Pyramid Lake Paiute reservation in Wadsworth, for the past few months.

Olds works with five teachers at Natchez: Mayris Turner, Kindergarten; Gaylene Williams, third grade; Yvonne Dunn, fourth grade; Karen Shaw, fifth grade; and Adriana Wahwasuck, sixth grade.

Among other techniques and lessons, classes cover playing a drum and singing the Native American Flag Song; making tule fish and cordage and relating these Native skills to earlier times at Pyramid Lake; and studying Aboriginal artists from Australia.

Olds shared with First Nation’s Focus a few images from some of the classes at the school, including art creations by some of the students.

Visit to learn more about Arts For All Nevada. Contact Olds at to learn more.


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