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Dale Deforest (Navajo) unveils ‘Hero Twins’ comic series

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“Hero Twins” was written and illustrated by Dale Deforest (Navajo).
Courtesy Native Realities Press

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Native Realities Press on Oct. 17 announced the publication of author/artist Dale Deforest’s long-awaited comic series, “Hero Twins,” during an event for the comic at Red Planet Books and Comics in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

“We are so excited about Hero Twins,” Native Realities Press publisher and CEO Dr. Lee Francis said in a news release. “It’s an amazing story that brings our traditional tales into a modern setting. It’s full of fun and adventure.”

Describing his comic creation, Deforest (Navajo) writes: “Plucked from the Diné Creation Story, the Hero Twins follows two warriors of the same name throughout their journey to rid the Spirit World of evil spirits.

“The Hero Twins is not a re-telling or another rendition, but rather an exciting all-ages adventure series inspired by the Diné Creation Story. Those familiar with the history will recognize elements and the overall theme.”

According to the comic’s website at Native Realties Press, “The Hero Twins have long held an important place in the stories of the Navajo people of the southwest. As protectors of the People, their deeds and adventures have filled the imagination of Navajo children for millennia.

“This story begins in 1860 as a (cavalry) unit is sent to investigate a threat. While a winter storm rages around the unit, a mysterious officer makes a world-changing discovery. Meanwhile, banished from the spirit realm, Changing Woman must find a way to protect her newborn children so they may fulfill their destiny and bring light to the world.”

In addition to his appearance at Red Planet Books, DeForest was also scheduled to be a guest at the Indigenous Comic Con at Isleta Resort and Casino in Albuquerque on Nov. 10-12.

Visit http://www.hero-twins.com to learn more about the comic and to purchase a copy for $5. Visit http://www.daledeforest.com to learn more about Dale Deforest, and visit http://www.nativerealities.com to learn more about Native Realities Press.