Nevada natives: Know your tribal identification rights |

Nevada natives: Know your tribal identification rights

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Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval signed the bill into law this year.
Photo: State of Nevada

CARSON CITY, Nev. — In the spring of 2017, the 79th Session of the Nevada Legislature adopted Senate Bill No. 399 (SB399) regarding the use of tribal identification (ID) as a form of legal identification.

Both the Nevada Senate and Assembly unanimously approved the bill in April and May 2017, and Gov. Brian Sandoval signed it into law on June 4, 2017.

The law mandates businesses that accept a driver’s license as a form of valid ID to accept a tribal ID in the same manner.

The card must include information similar to a driver’s license, which includes: a photograph of the card holder, legal name, birth date, number assigned, current physical address, physical description of the card holder, signature, date of card issued by tribe, and the tribal name associated with the card holder.

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