RSIC holds Eagle Feather Ceremony for 2019 graduates |

RSIC holds Eagle Feather Ceremony for 2019 graduates

Bethany Sam

First Nation's Focus

From left, Reno-Sparks Indian Colony Chairman Arlan Melendez, Brian Davis, Larsa Guzman, Kiyla Wadsworth, Kristina Wadsworth, Lylliana Williams, Jacob Stump, Leo Grass, Lead Elder Reynelda James, Pablo Britto, Tiana Marrietta-Goade, Janae Blue-Horse, Angel Zuniga and Michael Acosta.
Photo: Bethany Sam

The Reno-Sparks Indian Colony recently congratulated the colony’s 2019 high school graduates with an Eagle Feather Ceremony, hosted by the RSIC Language & Culture Program and RSIC Education Department.

In our traditional ways, receiving an eagle feather is one of the highest honors a person can have. The eagle feather represents passage of wisdom, honor and esteem.

A person who accepts an eagle feather must realize they have received one of the greatest honors the people can give to show leadership and the spiritual connection — because as we pray with the eagle feather, that eagle takes our prayers to the Great Spirit (Creator). It’s critical for anyone who keeps an eagle feather to carry and care for it in a sacred way. 

The RSIC community honored each student this summer for their hard work, dedication and commitment toward their education with an eagle feather blessed by Lead Elder Reynelda James.

It’s wonderful to see young Native people succeeding in life, and we wish them the very best in their future endeavors.