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Te-Moak member designs logo for Newe Ghani Cultural Center in Elko

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Samuel Broncho took inspiration from this photo from the Hickison Petroglyph Recreation Area.
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Editor's note: 

This story was first published in the June 2017 edition of First Nation’s Focus.

ELKO, Nev. — In the spring of 2017, the Newe Ghani Board of Trustees sent a request to its local communities calling for submissions of a logo that would represent the mission and serve as the “face” for the newly established Newe Ghani Cultural Center.

Submissions from all over Shoshone country were presented to the board; the artistry and passion in the works were very compelling.

After the long discussion, one image stood out, as it was both strong and had a deep cultural component. For the Board, what made this image so compelling was the artist’s inspiration that accompanied it.

Samuel Broncho, a Te-Moak Tribal Member from Elko, was the winning artist.


Here are Broncho’s own words about the logo:

My inspiration for the Newe Ghani Cultural Center logo came to me straight from our ancestors, from the petroglyphs they left for us, the people.

Walking the trails at the Hickison Petroglyph Recreation Area, it is a marvel to be among the Shoshone petroglyphs. The sites date from 10,000 years old but to the tribes it’s from time immemorial; a part of our creation stories passed from generation to generation.

When the Western Shoshone tribes requested a logo for the new Newe Ghani Cultural Center, I drew inspiration from these petroglyphs.

I used a photo from the site and outlined two prominent images. Then using these sketches, I manipulated the lines to create the final logo.

I wanted the logo to represent many things — first, to share the rich cultural heritage of the Shoshone people; second, to highlight our need to preserve and respect our cultural sites; and third, to inspire a conversation about the logo and how the different visitors will interpret it.

The colors represent the rise and set of the sun (dabay nabui) and are also fire colors.

The Shoshone communities are excited about the establishment of the Newe Ghani Cultural Center and I’m honored to have my contribution to have such a prominent place.

Ose, Sam Broncho.

The newly established Newe Ghani (Home of the People) Cultural Center is located at 1555 Shoshone Circle in Elko, Nevada. The Newe Ghani Mission is: Interpreting the Western Shoshone story from the Newe perspective, valuing, and educating the Newe way of life.


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